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Oculi cibus –Il cibo sotto tutta un’altra luce

Oculi cibus –Il cibo sotto tutta un’altra luce

19 Oct 2015 / 20 Oct 2015

PACTA . dei Teatri - Teatro Oscar
Via Lattanzio, 58, 20137 Milano, Italia

The question is: what happens if we eat under a different light? How much can the perception of food actually change? The artists Fulvio Michelazzi and Lorenzo Moz try to answer in a culinary innovative way, where each dish is able to influence, deceive and excite: an interactive theater at the restaurant. The sensory experience increases and also kidnaps the view, but does not compromise the traditional sociality of a meal in company..

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Theatre season PACTA . dei Teatri - Teatro Oscar - Special events EXPO 2015
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