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Rifiuti elettronici: le “miniere” delle nostre città

Rifiuti elettronici: le “miniere” delle nostre città

3 Aug 2015 / 3 Aug 2015

Relight S.r.l.
Via Lainate, 98, 20017 Rho MI, Italia

Electronic waste contains large quantities of rare metals such as yttrium, Europium, Gadolinium which can be extracted and reused for the manufacture of new products. The plant HydroWEEE recovers and separates the Rare Earth through an innovative hydro-metallurgical process. Relight, company leader in the recovery and treatment of RAEE, will be pleased to host visits to its treatment plant.

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Relight Srl
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Rifiuti elettronici: le “miniere” delle nostre città.
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