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What kind of venues can I submit to your catalogue?

All kinds of safe, well-maintained and neat venues are accepted. However, venues need to comply with regulations concerning the event they want to host. You can submit both state-owned and privately-held venues, both outdoor and indoor. Our main categories are as follows:

Outdoor arena, Park or garden, School, Library, Farmstead, Cloister, courtyard or arcade, Art gallery, Warehouse or workshop, Palace, Sports and fitness area, Museum, Conference hall, Showroom, Facility with kitchens, Public land, Multifunctional space, Exhibition centre, Theatre or concert hall, Office, Villa.

All spaces are allowed as long as they are in a good state of maintenance, safe and healthy for the scope of the event that shall be held in them, pursuant to the enforced laws on the matter. 
Both private and public properties can be proposed to be used for an event. 
The types of spaces that are eligible to be used to hold an event are (in alphabetical order):
Amphitheatre, Area or Park with facilities, Art Gallery and academy, Art Gallery, Auditorium, Classroom and University spaces, Cloister and Porch, Concert Hall, Conference Room, Farmhouse, Historical Valuable Property, Industrial Property, Library, Multi-purpose space, Museum, Office, Schools, Showroom, Space designed and set up for exhibitions, Sports Ground/gym, Theatre, Theme Park (aquatic, adventure, nature), Villa.
Spaces for which an application can be forwarded to be used for events can be open spaces (private or service areas such as streets or private squares not open to public pedestrians and/or vehicular circulation, courtyards, gardens and parks, paved areas, also with coverage, as long as they have private access) and closed as listed above.

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