Sale of food and non-food products/distribution of food and drinks

Food and non-food products can be sold, and food and drinks distributed, during temporary public performances/events, as long as this activity IS NOT predominant.

The term distribution defines the sale to the public of food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks up to 21 degrees, to be consumed on-site, in bars or in open public areas equipped, for example, with tables and chairs in order to enable temporary stay and with the use of tableware (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.) of any material complying with health regulations.

The various distribution activities are identified by State Law 287/1991 which was modified and expanded several times by the Regions. In the Lombardy Region, the Consolidation Act regarding Trade and Exhibitions, Regional Law no. 6/2010 (from articles 61-80), as modified by Regional Law no. 3/2011, is applied.

As a result, should food and non-food products be sold, or food and drinks be distributed during temporary public performances, fill in sections 15 (if the event is held in a public area) and 16 (if the event is held in a private area) of the Integrated Form, attaching also the Certified Commencement Notice  (SCIA Expo 2015 – Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività), which can be downloaded from: http//fare and selecting: > Home > SCIA Expo 2015) together with the payment form to be paid at the post office, account no. 14083273 in the name of ASL Milano – Servizio Tesoreria, stating the reason for payment as “Registrazione attività”. The cost is € 50.00.

See Attachment 4) SCIA Expo 2015

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