Necessary authorisations

To obtain a public performance/temporary event license, you need to fill in the relevant INTEGRATED FORM available from the “Expo in Città Booth” created by the Municipality of Milan and located in Via Larga 12 (3rd floor, room 348). You also need to attach the documents listed in the form and pay the relevant preliminary charges [1] indicated in the Town Council Resolution no. 839 of 20.04.2012 and no. 623 of 05.04.2013. A tax stamp of € 16.00 needs to be applied to each sheet of 4 sides.

See attachment 1) Integrated Form

N.B. to get a better idea of the main municipal authorisations required to organise a temporary public performance, refer to the attached summary sheet.

See attachment 2) Summary sheet

In addition to sections outlining specific authorisations, the form also contains the following sections, which must always be completed:

  • Personal information;
  • General information;
  • Self-certifications and other declarations.

The other sections refer to:    



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