Our dedicated Sportello Unico Eventi (info point) helps event organisers with authorisations and permits in the Municipality of Milan.

If you have been awarded ExpoinCittà logo, you can collect documents and forms at Sportello Unico Eventi. There you can also get expert advice tailored to your specific needs, regarding procedures, logistics and broader organisational matters.

Sportello Unico Eventi is open Monday to Thursday, 9 – 12 and is located in via Pecorari 3, 20122 Milan (3rd floor - room 384). For further information or make an appointment, call us from 14.30 to 16.30 at +39 02 88462 832 / 836.

Sportello sponsorizzazioni (sponsorship office) within Milan Chamber of Commerce helps operators find a sponsor for their Expo in città event.

You just need to upload a short description of your project on our online platform. Potential sponsors will examine your project and you might be selected for sponsorship in cash or in-kind services.

Expo in città is now cooperating with Sportello sponsorizzazioni and, for the six months of Expo, criteria to apply have been extended. Eligible projects need to: (a) have a minimum budget of 30,000 Euros; (b) be submitted by legal entities (be they companies or associations); (c) take place in Milan or Greater Milan.

For further information and to learn how to apply, please browse the dedicated website or contact Sportello Sponsorizzazioni directly: | tel: +39 02 8515 4123 / 4165.

Sportello per le sponsorizzazioni di iniziative culturali

To learn more about how to fill out event/venue sheets or to get more information about Expo in città and our services, please browse our FAQ's section.

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